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S. R. | Lancaster, PA

This has been my veterinarian for almost 20 years now. The staff is great with the animals and it is obvious they truly care about your pet.

A short while ago I had to have my pet of 17 years put down for health issues. One of the hardest things I have had to do period. I didn’t want to tramatize him or have the last place that he see’s a vets office.


So instead of my pets last moments being transported to the vet and scared he was able to sit in my lap at peace in his own home.

It simply doesn’t get any better then this. If you don’t have a regular vet or are dissatisfied with your current vet I strongly urge you to call this place.

Princess Vollmer

This is Princess, age 10, we adopted her from a rescue when she was 3, Princess was supposedly a “puppy mill mama”. When we adopted her she was very loving, she loves to be held close and cuddled. Princess was very fearful of getting her nails trimmed she would whine and cry just in case it would hurt. Rebecca (vet tech) was so very kind and gentle with her that princess learned to trust her and she could trim them by herself with no help. All the techs have been wonderful with “p” they hold and cuddle her which is what she needs. We’ve had a few health issues with princess and couldn’t ask or find better veterinary care! Thank you all.

-The Vollmer Family



Our family is delighted to have the opportunity to “sing the praises” of the Veterinarians, Vet Techs, and staff at WLAH. Since 1993, one or more of our pets; Sandy, Gemini, Callie, and Tazzie, have had and do have comprehensive medical care, especially our sweet Gemini. Dr. Jordan assisted us in finding an animal eye specialist to corroborate her findings and ultimately to present treatment options. With the patience, expertise, and care from Dr. Jordan and staff, we opted to have Dr. Jordan perform her surgery, which gave us 3 ½ more happy and treat-filled years with “our girl”.

We are grateful for the smiles and enthusiasm that greet us when we visit and we know that the well-being of our furry friends is paramount. It isn’t always the happiest of circumstances when we need services but we always know that our pets are receiving the very best care and that when “it’s time” the staff knows how difficult it is and offers empathy, support, and above all, respect for the relationship we have with our pets. We look forward to continuing our journey at WLAH.

-Jere & Barbara Long


We are so proud to have Ronin as a patient. Ronin is a German shepherd/Malinois mix from Czech Republic. He is the only K-9 officers for the Lancaster county Sheriff’s office . Ronin is also the only K-9 in the county trained to detect explosives.

Along with his handler Cpl. David Bolton, they make a great team. When a fugative won’t surrender, it’s Ronin’s job to go to work. Other skills are: Tracking, Building search, Deputy protection, and Demonstrations

The K-9 unit is funded solely through donations from private individuals and business. Donations are used to maintain the unit and provide care for Ronin. If you’d like to help Ronin and other K-9 officers, contact the Lancaster County Sheriff K-9 Unit, 50 N. Duke Street, Lancaster, PA 17602.


The Auster Family

When I moved to Lancaster 30 years ago, West Lancaster Animal Hospital was recommended to me for the two cats that I had at that time and I have never regretted my decision to choose West Lancaster Animal Hospital as the place to take my cats. My cats live long lives, and I certainly attribute that in large part to the care they (and I) have received. I have always appreciated the knowledge and skill of the veterinarians as well as the caring support they have offered both in good times and in difficult times. All of the veterinarians have worked hard to research a variety of options when needed. They have explained the medical problem in a clear and caring manner, and then helped me choose the option that seemed best for our pet and our family. The veterinary technicians have also offered helpful medical and emotional support. And, of course, I have appreciated the calm and caring manner of the staff who are the first people to greet me when I walk through the door and who find themselves on the other end of the phone offering helpful advice and support. I nearly always left a visit to West Lancaster Animal Hospital feeling as though I received an education, whether it was about preventative care or about an illness and the path to recovery. My hat’s off to everyone at West Lancaster Animal Hospital. I couldn’t have found a better medical home for my cats over all of these years – Pie, Digger, Buck, Blizzy, Tuxie, and Tangie.

With heartfelt thanks (on behalf of my long-lived cats, too) — Carol Auster

Wipers, Spree, Eliose Yatabe

Having been a client of West Lancaster Animal Hospital for 20 years with an assortment of cats and dogs, I feel like I am entering “Cheers” whenever I walk in the door for it is the place where everybody knows my name. Our current crew of 7 consists of 3 Belgian sheepdogs (Wipers, Spree and Eloise) and 4 cats (Sophie, Ozzie, Milo and Fiona). The first three cats listed came from West Lancaster Animal Hospital and Fiona walked into our garage and decided to stay knowing she had landed in paradise.

-The Yatabe Family


Mandy, Chelsie, Luca Eidam

9/11/01 of all days, Cindy’s cat had to be euthanized by Dr. Gemmill; she had had Cassandra Marie longer than she had had Don.

We decided to wait for a time and then get TWO cats, so that they would have company when we weren’t home.

At the Humane Society, we had each preliminarily chosen our cat. However, on the way to “check out”, in the stray kitten room we encountered three kittens playing together in their cage.We asked the volunteer there, “Are they all from the same litter?” After she assured us they were, Don’s immediate response was, “wrap them up!” Purchasing 3 cats: $81; enjoying them: priceless.

Since then Mandy, Chelsie, and Luka (named after the Bosnian doctor in “E.R.”) have enjoyed the finest of care, both routine checkups and unplanned visits (e.g., Luka will eat anything, food or not; Mandy likes house plants; etc. – surely many of you know the drill).

Perhaps because they were strays, our three seem to have had more than their share of a variety of disorders. Through a decade now, we have confidently relied on the West Lancaster staff for their friendliness, concern, expertise, and impeccable treatment and advice. Thank you!

-Don and Cindy Eidam

Dave Donaldson

We brought our dogs, a greyhound and a whippet, to West Lancaster late in their lives. We were so impressed by the compassion with which Dr. Jordan had treated our guinea pigs and rats (we could never say no to our children’s choice of pets!) that we switched our dogs’ care to her. Within six months of each other, they both became very ill and we were devastated by the loss of not one, but two beloved pets. We visited a rescue in the fall of 2010, “just to look.” A small Chihuahua mix was in a group that was brought out for us and he quickly decided that we weren’t leaving without him.

He seemed to sense that our son, Max, was the one that had to be won over because he glued himself to Max’s side. We had no choice but to take him home. Within a few hours of arriving home, however, our still nameless new friend began wheezing and coughing, and we found ourselves at Pet Emergency at four in the morning. And with this we began many visits to West Lancaster with our very sick little dog, now named Dave.

It took a village to save Dave’s life. After many tests and treatments, we found that he had distemper. Under normal circumstances, Dave would have been euthanized. Having lost two dogs already, we were not giving up without a fight. Every vet, technician, and staff member at West Lancaster became involved in his care and the little dog that should not have lived is happy and healthy today! We are so grateful for the compassionate and thorough care we have received for all our pets, no matter how small, at West Lancaster Animal Hospital. We recommend them to everyone and would not trust our pets to anyone else.

-Kim, Joe, Max, and Caeli Donaldson


Dave M. | Mountville, PA

Just began bringing my new cat here. Staff is very friendly and attentive. They also work with you to make sure your pet is healthy while also being respectful of how much things can cost – they really work with you! So far, I’m quite pleased!

George A. | Lancaster, PA

My dog needed a rabies shot and geriatric exam, so I called these guys as they are closer to my house than Harrisburg pike animal hospital…and I wasn’t disappointed!

They were very friendly and helpful and did a very thorough job checking my dog with blood and poo samples taken.

I’m going here again!


Annette C. | Lancaster, PA

I had a terrible experience with another local vet so I came here. What a joy they are they treated me great when I was really upset with my male cat having a uti and blocked bladder, happy to say they are really lovely kind hearted animal lovers. Because of them my wonderful cat A.J is doing so much better and I’d back to his normal self again. THANK YOU!!!